5 Fast Ways To Lose Weight


Weight loss is one of the most difficult goal to attain .  As you can see , Weight loss is extremely hard to control but keeping if off is not an easy task  because it requires a great deal of mental and physical effort to accomplish . Some people succeed in their effort to combat Weight gain by combining the use of diet as well as exercise. However, for some, these measures are not enough , so they tend to utilize weight loss supplements . Luckily, there are fast ways to lose weight naturally which is the main focus of our discussion today.

Let’s begin by itemizing all of the other diseases that can be caused by obesity. Heart disease is probably the major one as it relates to many other sickness.. These include hypertension, diabetes, atherosclerosis, congestive heart failure, and sleep apnea. There are other maladies  but these are necessarily related to heart disease :   colon cancer, fatty liver, gynecomastia, irregular menstruation, breast cancer, uterine cancer, depression, joint pain and destruction, and heart burn. Moreover, each of these diseases carries with them a host of other complications that are life threatening. What is more, the social stigma that comes with obesity is a tough nut to crack. Rest assured , there are fast ways to lose weight which we are going to show you.


Most of the time , people with whom you are acquainted usually gives you suggestions on dieting and weight loss , but unsuccessfully these advice which are well meant, can really be capable of causing harm to your body. It is up to you to make up your mind on  your weight loss goals. If you think that the conventional method of dieting and exercising are the safest and fast ways to lose weight, I recommend you to explore the following easy -to-follow tips .


  1. Stay clear from junk foods:

Junk foods are not only foods you would buy from a takeaway or a fast food joint. By definition , calories in food provide essential energy . If you consume too much you will gain weight because excess calories are stored as body fat . Putting it in another way , your body burn down calories during digestion. Let us say the food you consume equates 200 calories and your body uses 100 calories to digest it, it means that your body has an extra 100 calories. These extra unused calories turn into fat.



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These junk foods produce what are best-known as empty calories. These are calories we need to avoid. On the contrary , some fruits and vegetables are nutrients with negative calories . They are completely different from food with zero calories . Putting it mildly , negative calorie foods possess fewer calories and the more you eat of them the more weight you will lose. Nuts of all kinds are also excellent negative calorie foods and will help you lose weight as well .


  1. Lessen your portion size:        Pin on Health

Lessening the size of your portions doesn’t mean you are to eat less. What most people do is have a 1 main meal a day, usually in the evening after work, and a reasonably big breakfast and a snack for lunch. For instance , you can have 4 to 5 meals a day at your usual time interval , but of very smaller proportions. Whenever you eat, your metabolic process increases and as a result fat burning takes place, also eating regularly and often help suppress your appetite.


  1. Cut back on your calorie intake:

Don’t be too drastic about this, you don’t want to starve yourself as this will have a negative impact on your goal to lose weight.  Starving is bad for your health. Cutting your calorie intake is done by replacing calorie rich food with negative calorie food, if you are one of these naughty people that has a 250 calorie chocolate bar at lunch everyday, replace it with an apple. Weight loss is not only about eaten food with less calories but it is also eating smart.


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4.  Get  Exercising

Exercising alone will not be the only solution to your weight loss program. As you get older, your metabolism slows down , therefore dieting and exercising are without doubt the most reliable and effective means to lose weight. Making the choice to exercise is also very important to a healthy weight loss. You do not have to go to the gym every night for an hour. As long as you can fit some time in, as little as 30 aerobic minutes three times a week, this will help you lose the weight and increase your energy level. Get creative! Dance to your favorite CD, go for a walk, take up a new FUN sport, or just run around with your kids or pets. Increasing your metabolism helps increase your energy level. This will help you get to your weight loss goal sooner. Remember to always warm up and cool down! The more exercise you can fit in, the more calories you will burn. And, you will feel so much happier and healthier!

But if you are still battling with weight after employing these measures, it would be wise to seek the advice or help from your Doctor.


Effective weight loss is very important to your health and self-esteem. It is a challenge to lose the weight and keep it off for good.  At times, people feel as if they have failed themselves when they revert back into their old habits. There will be times that you are at a plateau and you just cannot shed those last few pounds off. When this occurs, you have to forge ahead with your weight loss goals. All you need to do is mentally conceive that you can do it. At this point, just reassess your eating patterns and exercise schedule. Actually, you should be proud of this moment, as this means your body has adjusted to the previous weight you have lost, as your body needs an updated weight loss solution.

The great thing about weight is that it is not a permanent disability that has to be accepted. With weight loss goes the decreased risk or  total prevention of developing diabetes, high blood pressure, dyslipidemia, cancer, depression, sleep apnea  etc.. You can also gain stamina, productivity, self-esteem, confidence and respect .


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